Gardens of Zen

Welcome to the Las Vegas Zen Temple Gardens!

Based on the books of the modern day Buddhist teacher, Ven. Dewey  Smi g Gyatso, we present Buddha’s  and Judaeo teachings in an accessible manner that can easily be integrated into our modern lives.

It is with great pleasure and pride to introduce you to…  A Garden of Dew

Nestled among the Las Vegas Zen Temple are the many elements of Zen.

Elements of the Asian Garden

  • Great stones and boulders are viewed in the Japanese garden as islands…
  • Pebbles in the Asian garden are most often river-rounded and cobble-like from pea size to as large as a potato…
  • Sand and fine gravel…
  • Bamboo fences and panels…
  • Tea ceremony basin…
  • Pagoda lights…

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The “Garden of Dew” at the Las Vegas Zen Temple has ALL these elements.

In this article we reflect upon the Fig Trees within the Garden of Dew.

Mentioned over fifty times in Scripture, the fig tree was extremely important for both nutritional and economic reasons in ancient times.

These are present in the “Garden of Dew” with an abundance of fruit highly respected and desired within the Zen community.

Fig trees produce two crops every year!

That said as these fruits are a delicacy…  We encourage you to book a trip to the Las Vegas Zen Temple for our Fig Festival

This is usually held in the Fall, between October and November.

Figs are life’s little culinary delicacies

Figs are both highly nutritious and a culinary delicacy.
Figs are often PINK in the middle and incredible to eat.
Around the world the “Fig NEWTON” is known and desired.  At the Zen Temple Las Vegas, Garden of Dew we present the SWEET pink delicacy of the “Fig Dewton”.  Once you put your tongue on it you will want MORE!

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Vegas Zen Temple.

Don’t miss out on our articles on the temples Dewerness.  The Wilderness that Dharma Dewey has created and provided for spiritual balance in nature.

The Dew2/0.  A water cleansing of the body. Elements that prevent total mind and body purification!

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