The nine affirmations of the Zen Temple

I believe daily life must include a meditation and an action that can help perfect the universe for positive energy.

I believe that all persons and creatures of the earth must be cherished and pledge a daily task of showing love for another human in our daily lives.

I believe through music and dance I can achieve the inner calm to assist and give me strength to meet the task of showing strength towards family and the Ones I Love.

I believe in the the power of human contact and connection will help me feel unified with our universe to bless my current relationships and create new ones.

I believe the meditation of my heart and the words of my mouth while in the Temple are to be directed towards loving feelings towards human kind and the honor of friends and family and the healing power of smiles and laughter.

I believe that being born into this earth unencumbered by the trappings of jewelry, clothing and the power to only feel pleasure and pain – I will spend each meditation to grow in spirit and actions to only judge with kindness and forgiveness and seek emotional and intellectual growth through this relaxation.

I believe that as a citizen of world and the USA I must provide a meditation towards to protection of our country and the love of equal laws of the land and actions to free others of tyranny of the spirit and the flesh.

I believe My mind should be as pliable as water and my meditation should flow with positive energy and never dissolve or evaporate but always leave a trace.

I believe my meditations shall be against the digressions of anger, dishonor, theft, and the sin of not accepting our fellow sisters and casting suspicion and doubt without cause.

I believe in the healing power of friendship, song, water and believe a cleansing meditation and rejoice in song and laughter and will fight the urge to give way to selfishness in each of my waking meditations.

believe in a Temple of One Love and meditate to protect my family and friends and loves from harm to their soul and Temple of life -each life matters and each neighbor must be respected as part of our human family.

Meditates the Dharma
By Dewey Wohl
Dharma 1960

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